Print Sizes

By popular demand, high-quality lustre prints of Robert E.T. (YouTube) are available in a variety of sizes:

X-Small (5x7") $5 US
Small (8x10") $15 US
Medium (12x18") $32 US
Large (16x24") $42 US
X-Large (20x30") $60 US

I’d be happy to personalize & sign your print if you want.

E-mail me with inquiries:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are those prices the grand total?
Yes, as long as I’m shipping within the USA, shipping & handling has already been factored in.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, e-mail me with details such as your desired print size & your location & I’ll give you a quote.

Can I choose any of the pictures from the video for my print?
Yes, any of the pictures from the video are options.

How do I pay you?
PayPal or Venmo.

Is it OK if I don’t want your signature on my print?
Sure, I can understand if you don’t want to taint the glory of the General’s image with my scrawlings.

I already have a frame I want to fill, but the dimensions don’t match those sizes.  Do you make prints in custom sizes?
Yes, e-mail me with details & I’ll give you a quote.

Listen buddy, I don’t feel like e-mailing you or being personable in this transaction.  I’d rather use an automated, impersonal interface and pay a little extra so that corporate entities can take a chunk of the money.  Is that too much to ask?
I suppose not.  Here are links to buy prints via Etsy or eBay:

Robert Etsy

Robert E.T.

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If you’d like to say hello or to inquire about Robert E.T. prints or Full House Without Michelle t-shirts, send me an e-mail:

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