Bartender Brett
Bartender Brett serving martinis to Daniel LaRusso

This is the official website of Bartender Brett, the most famous bartender from the popular Netflix series Cobra Kai.

“Coming right up!”
—Bartender Brett to Daniel LaRusso

Bartender Brett can be seen in Cobra Kai Season 3, Episode 10 (the episode titled “December 19”), in which he serves drinks to Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), Amanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggeler), Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue), and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).

Bartender Brett seen making drinks behind Johnny


Not much is known of Bartender Brett’s origin story.

Judging by the familiarity with which Daniel LaRusso addresses Bartender Brett at the Encino Oaks Country Club, it is clear that he is a regular bartender who is accustomed to serving both Daniel and his wife Amanda LaRusso their “usual[s],” i.e. martinis.

In his professional life, Bartender Brett displays a noted level of stoicism and dedication, as evidenced by his interactions with Daniel LaRusso, Amanda LaRusso, Ali Mills, and Johnny Lawrence in Season 3 Episode 10 of Cobra Kai, titled “December 19.”  For example, after Daniel greets Bartender Brett with a jovial “Merry Christmas, Brett” salutation as he orders “The usual for me and Amanda,” Bartender Brett gestures with a respectful head-nod while diligently responding, “Coming right up!” as he fastidiously prepares the martinis.  This level of skill, respect, and intuitive expertise suggests years of bartending experience as well as a martial arts background.

Bartender Brett double checking the quality of Daniel’s martini

“Merry Christmas, Brett.
The usual for me and Amanda.  Thanks.”
—Daniel LaRusso to Bartender Brett


Bartender Brett is portrayed by the American filmmaker & actor Andrew Austin.

Bartender Brett’s famously quotable line “Coming right up!” was not actually voiced by Austin, but rather dubbed into the scene later by an unknown voice actor.

Daniel and Amanda initially drink martinis in the famous scene from Season 3 Episode 10 of Cobra Kai, titled “December 19,” and they are later seen drinking wine.  Johnny drinks a martini before switching to beer.  Ali drinks wine throughout the entirety of the scene.  All of these refreshing beverages were served by Bartender Brett.


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